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About Us

    We provide creative solutions for difficult situations. Our goal is to help you to minimize heartache and expense by quickly resolving conflict. Our guidance through the conflict resolution process will help you to move forward with mutually agreeable solutions and keep you in charge of your future.

    Mediation is a voluntary, structured process in which a trained, neutral mediator helps parties in conflict negotiate a settlement of their dispute. The parties in mediation retain full control over the process and the outcome. The mediator does not function as a decision-maker, but rather as a facilitator, guiding the parties in effective communication, negotiation, and collaborative problem solving in order to explore opportunities for resolution. Mediators assist and empower the parties with communication and negotiation. As result, satisfaction with out comer

    Mediation is especially effective for conflicts involving individuals who will have an ongoing relationship, such as family, members of a family business, neighbors, homeowners associations, employers and employees, landlords and tenants. A neutral is careful to help preserve and strengthen relationships and to develop guidelines for future communication.